Enamel Care

Our enamel jewelry is made from a layer of glass heat fused into a trough of 18kt gold and then polished until it’s flush with the gold (it is not epoxy). There are many surviving examples from the Byzantine era, so the extra time you spend considering care, storage and cleaning will ensure your jewelry as well remains in excellent condition for generations to come.

1. Avoid direct impacts to enamel.
The biggest danger to enamel is cracking due to high impact directly to the piece or due to dropping it. Handle jewelry carefully when putting it on or taking it off.

2. Protect it during storage.
Wrap enamel jewelry in tissue paper or a soft cloth before storing to prevent the glass enamel from sustaining chips or scratches from your other jewelry.

3. Shine it with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water.
Keep the shine by wiping the enamel and high polished surfaces with a soft cloth to remove dirt and smudges. Microfiber cloths work quite well. You can also rinse with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to pat dry.

4. Avoid contact with chemicals.
Do not wear while using harsh chemicals, household cleaners. Apply makeup, perfume and hair spray before putting on jewelry, and do not wear your gold or enameled pieces in a swimming pool. Chlorine can damage gold, causing it to pit or become brittle.

“We are made by history”-martin luther king, jr.

I feel that by incorporating historical references into our pieces develops a sense of provenance. But from my perspective, the historical provenance is real, even though the piece might have been just created today, because each of us and the art we create is the embodiment of everything that came before us, yet reflects our own unique experiences and heritage. Each piece is a modern heirloom from the moment a woman claims it and puts it on.

The colors of light

I think there is something very elemental about our aesthetic; Building blocks. Even our core colors build on each other; based on principals of light. Blue, red and green are the primary colors of light; white is the perfect balance of all of those colors and black is the absolute absence of the primary colors of light. I’m very inspired by the idea of light as a metaphor for enlightenment and growth, as well as the warmth it conveys.

What is champleve enamel?

Champleve is a time honored enameling technique that has often been taught generation to generation, passed down within families as an heirloom in its own right. The enamel is a combination of ground, pigmented glass and metal, heat fired into the recesses created by the engraving and then polished with agate stone to create vibrant and rich colours. Also known as hot enamel, or vitreous enamel, it can only be applied on 18kt + gold due to the high heat it requires for fusing. It is color fast and chip resistant, an ancient technique that can still be seen on pieces thousands of years old. It is a very labor intensive process, heated and polished several times until the enamel is flush with the gold. It is much more durable and with more intense, luminous color than compared to “cold” enamel, also called epoxy, that is applied on top of 14 kt gold. “Cold” enamel is not glass enamel, but a resin with pigments that is brushed on top of the gold, similar to how paint would be applied and doesn’t require any heat.


Strength is within. We all have it, but sometimes it wanes, and sometimes we really need to call on it. The Strength collection reminds us that it is there. The lion symbolizes strength, dignity, passion & self-confidence. The star represents energy & divine guidance. There is no strength without direction.


Every day, every moment, we make choices. We have a choice regarding what kind of energy we want to put out there in the world. The number 8 represents the continual of returning energy. On its side, the 8 stands for infinity. The Crescent moon, was chosen for its Latin root word, crescere, to grow. Reminding us that every day is a new day to grow inwardly by seeking truth and enlightenment.


Dream Forward. We can actualize our dreams. I almost thought that I was done dreaming. I had already had such a great run professionally with Rebecca.. it felt scary to start over again, in a new role as Creative Director, working on jewelry instead of clothing. The triangle immediately became really important to me with the launch of Foundrae. The divine triangle is often associated with pyramids, arrowheads and sacred mountains. It represents the journey of self-discovery, revelation & ascension. Then I needed the arrow. The arrow inspires us to powerfully launch forward and make the dream happen.


The Scarab is an ancient Egyptian symbol of Khepera, a form of the Sun God, who transforms inert matter into action, creates life and is a powerful protector. I chose the Scarab for our Protection collection to shield the wearer…but the reality is that I don’t think we need to be shielded from a malevolent outside source. I believe we need protection from our own negative thoughts. The ones that say, “you can’t do it” or something similar and prevent us from using our energy to build more productive and positive aspects of our lives.


I see the Wholeness collection as encouragement to seek unity within through growth and balance. I think we all struggle with wholeness and while we may see, or feel, glimpses of it once in a while, it’s elusive and what we need to achieve wholeness evolves as much and as often as we do. That’s why we have a Snake symbolizing wholeness. Snakes are valued as talismans of rejuvenation, as they shed their skin. An Ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a snake eating it’s own tail, symbolized the experience of unity-we designed our own version circling the white champleve medallion.

sssss..something is in the works.

Any day now we will see the finished pc of a new signet for our next collection: Wholeness, but we aren’t saying what it looks like yet.  So excited, it’s been really hard to get this one exactly right.    That’s enough hints.

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